This will be my clay pot. Where old fashioned rituals will be simmered with a bold modern persona, encompassing all that is unjust and unheard, transforming it into that of beauty and wisdom. Let the weak be heard, let the strong be humbled, for this a product of pain, tears and bewilderment.

Ella Fitzgerald - Misty


Ella Fitzgerald will forever be known for having one of the most-original and greatest voices of all time, regardless of gender, time period, or race. Her voice encapsulated a time period so wonderfully and vividly portrayed the emotions of love, stress, and sadness in ways unimaginable. To this day, hearing one of her songs sends a shiver down my spine.

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some more inspiration for myself, and for you

I took this clip as a reality check; of a world we experience right in front of us but choose to intentionally ignore. our decisions are just that: our decisions. if all the great revolutionaries, artists and visionaries of our time worried about their surroundings, then we as a modern-day generation would be non-existent.

"Believe in the possibility even when life is giving you every reason not to believe"

Sampling out the Canon 60D at a good friend’s cricket championship victory in NJ. I think when editing till 3am without a yawn, and watching over scenes of sincere happiness and joy validates the photographer or videographer within me. many more to come.

beautifully composed.

Be selfish in your youth, so that wisdom and strength may make room for you to give love towards those that matter. One cannot lead and love others, without first loving and leading himself.


getting back into the creative side of life. forgot how much energy you have at 3am when doing something you love.i think it’s also the joy i have in capturing the world around me, most especially when it comes to the joy of others. a photograph capturing celebration and victory is probably the most powerful motivator one can ever behold their eyes open. if only all of life can be like this. maybe time will tell. enjoy!

Couldn’t resist: Freida Pinto has officially become one of my favorites, and no, not because of slumdog. Her maturity, elegance and beauty has escalated since then, which I feel has made her more admirable. This photo is an example of how that, as well as, how graceful she is on the carpet. It’s good to see an Indian fashionista next to some of our American favs. Her attire is always top notch, classy, but confident . i feel her charm is the reason why American media cant stay away.Hope to see more of her on the screens in the coming days. That lucky dev Patel.